Tabler Down!

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By Our Intrepid Reporter on the spot – Mr Elm.

Ramsey the organiser of this year’s annual LERT ski trip, which is underway in Les Carroz (Grand Massif region, France) has become the first casualty of the trip. Unfortunately he has succumbed to the organisers curse for injury. Whilst attempting a green run (the easiest of all ski runs) on his snowboard (he was warned about the dangers of being “on a tray”), in near perfect conditions, Ramsey caught the edge of his board on a lump of snow & stumbled forward at low speed. The result was severe pain in his lower leg leaving him incapacitated on the slope. Several other skiers in the group attended to him in his hour of need as all his fellow boarders had long since left the scene. Onsite first aid was given in the form Ibrufen tablets & whiskey to numb the pain. However Ramsey was still unable to continue despite the skiers best efforts. It was thus decided to loan him a set of skier’s poles to allow him to limp off the slopes. His snowboard was removed from the scene by a caring skier.

It'll be the gimp outfit next
It'll be the gimp outfit next

Later from the comfort of his hotel, Ramsay, who had already had to wear the “cape of shame” due to the poor weather on his arrival in the resort was seen relaxing in true Tabling style.

Seven of the party headed back to the UK today as they still had jobs to return too. The remaining four hard core skiers remain in the resort to enjoy the now near perfect ski conditions in true Table style following the last few days of inclement weather.

Finally, upon his return to Blighty, Ramsey commented “Yes the curse of organizing a table skiing trip continues, everyone told me it’s a poisoned chalice. However we had a fantastic time in Les Carroz, and apart from 1 day of torrential rain the skiing conditions were great. I would like to thank everyone who came on the trip, especially the tablers who got me down the side of a mountain with a minimal amount of fuss. Top men”.


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