White Water Rafting

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White Water rafting
Round Table hits the rapids

Summer’s here, and with it comes the daft suggestions on what active Round Tablers can do with their time on a long sunny evening. The last meeting of June saw the club donning rubber suits, crash hats,  paddles and going in search of a creek. And they found the best one in the UK.

Three boatloads of intrepid paddlers from Long Eaton Round Table went to the National Water Sports centre near Nottingham for a great evening of white water rafting. Although as some of the pictures show, often it was more like white-water submarining.

The first run down the course for the boats was easy enough, but lulled some into a false sense of security. On the second run, one capsized and threw all of the crew out. Most managed to get back in, but a couple of guys had to do their best log impressions and lie back trying not to hit the underwater obstacles.

And over we go...
And over we go...

When not falling into the swirling waters of the River Trent, the boats tried all sorts of tricks, such as standing the boat on its nose – normally with some pour unfortunate in the bows acting as ballast.

American Adventure ride upgrade catches locals by surprise
Note the blue helmet under the water.

Definintely the wettest event of the year so far, but great fun. To see all the pictures from an exhilerating evening, click this gallery link.

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