Long Eaton’s Wacky Races

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In July the Round Tablers of Long Eaton retired to a secret location well away from any Health & Safety wombles for an evening of messing about in various vehicles. The event – aptly titled Wacky races – put the drivers through various challenges such as driving blindfolded.

The blindfold drive had the driver blindfolded (the clue’s in the name…), with the aim of racing around a tight course in the best possible time. Guidance was provided by the driver’s partner sat on the roof, yelling instructions down through the sunroof. Competition was fierce for this event. Prospective member Joel caused much amusement when sat on the roof as he gave less than useful instructions in the form of pointing while yelling ‘that way’!

Winner of this event was Greg. Pit-lane stories that he had an unfair advantage due to him being used to driving without being able to see over the dashboard were dismissed as sour grapes.

The Cup Drive challenge required precision driving both forwards and backwards to pick up a set of cups from posts. Unfortunately, the nail of a car supplied to do this soon had its clutch burnt out, and Long Eaton’s professional mechanics were left scratching their heads, sucking their teeth, and muttering “Well, squire, it’ll cost you…”. Past Chair Welchy kindly supplied his work’s van as a replacement vehicle, but looked menacingly at anyone who went over 2000 revs. I can’t remember who won, as it wasn’t me.

The dump-truck challenge required steering an articulated dump truck around a narrow course, all against the clock. Vice Chairman Murdy tried to look the part of a roughty toughty-workman, but unfortunately had the sense of direction of a bat at a rock concert, and trailed well behind in the times.

While all this was going on, Tablers had the opportunity to be driven at high speed around a field in a proper rally car by a top rally driver.

All in all a brilliant evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all, and well organised by Welchy, ably assisted by his wife Claire. More photos from the evening can be found at this link.

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