So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

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The Lockestone pub was the venue for this year’s chuck out evening. Once a tabler reaches the lofty age of 45 it’s time for them to be booted out the club in typical round table style. This year’s hapless evictees were Ulrick Sandstrom, Greg Whitfield, Dave  Welsh and Nigel Glenister. Our distinguished Danish chiropractor Ulrick ” The Saxon ” Sandstrom was dressed in a suitable Viking Outfit ( although many said he looked more like a yeti, you decide ). Greg Whitfield or Long Eaton’s answer to Mark Zuckerburg was dressed as an Elf ( the dwarf outfit i was told was already rented ) Ex Squady Nigel went up a rank for the evening and had a distinctive chinese take on the traditional army uniform  and Welshy came in his normal work clothes. We had a good turn out for the evening including many 41 ‘s who were braying after new blood. Much fun was had watching the victims fail various tasks and making them run around Long Eaton in their sensible attire.


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