Month: June 2011

Hadrian’s Wall Completed!

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more blisters than a sheet of bubble wrap.

The guys from Long Eaton Round Table have done it! Two groups set out – one on Thursday with the aim of walking the 84 or so miles from coast to coast, including the wall. The larger second group headed out on Friday from Heddon on the Wall to finish at Grinsdale completing the gruelling 73 mile journey.This 3 day charity walk was one of the most demanding challenges that L.E.R.T have ever engaged in. There were many heavy legs, blistered feet &  aching  muscles at the end of it all but a great sense of achievement as well. The club would like to thank Steve Barker for organising the event and every one else who helped make it possible. A special thanks must go to Julian Scholefield & Pamela Boswell at Brackenfield School for kindly loaning us their minibus for the weekend. Without their support it would have been very difficult to complete the trial.

This challenge was undertaken to raise money for dementia charities. If you would like to sponsor us, your money will directly help  to improve the quality of life for people affected by dementia in the UK. Please visit

Area Chairman Manly Joins Hadrian’s Wall Walk

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Left to right Simon, Ramsey, John, Richard, Paul Randal

Area Chairman John Manly joined Long Eaton for a days’ walking on Saturday – the middle day of Long Eaton’s three day walk. He was inspired by our efforts and wants to get Derby Merlin to do the 3 Peaks Challenge. He finished the 16 mile walk then drove back to Derby.

Afterwards he said “Have just got back from one day on Hadrian’s wall & Long Eaton. They’re doing it for three days, total respect.”

Charity Walk Photos – Saturday

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News from the North on the Long Eaton Round Tablers attempt at walking the entire 60 mile length of Hadrian’s wall in 3 days…

Chairman Rob Murdy reports that four tablers are down – maybe not out for Sunday, but definitely suffering. Two are thought to be probable non starters for the final day – knackered knees, mainly. Old fellas.

Past Chairman Dave ‘Liddo’ Liddington sat in a cow pat – a very wet one – but unfortunately no photos were taken of said large arse covered in poo. Mainly because those with him, including his son, were too busy pissing themselves laughing.

Here are a few pics that have been sent from the guys:

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Hadrians Wall Charity Walk Photos – Days 1 and 2

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The boys have managed to send a few photos from their travels along Hadrian’s Wall.

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And how are the guys feeling after just one day of walking (apart from the few that did the coast bit on Thursday too)?

Mark Elm, more used to the rolling seas than the rolling hills reports: “Feet brilliant (amazed) but hips & knees a total write off. Tomorrow’s a fresh day”.

Ramsey Dawson, support driver, complains of the hostel they are staying in “What? Do I have to make my own bed?!!”.

Hadrians Wall Charity Walk Begins

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80 miles to go

On Thursday 23rd of June, the intrepid walkers from Long Eaton Round Table started the first leg of their walk along the entire length of Hadrians Wall.  These first walkers are literally going the extra mile by starting from the East Coast and finishing at the sea on the West Coast. The first day 14 miles from coast to the wall start near Newcastle, followed by a 22 miler on Friday, and the remaining 40 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

These guys aren’t just doing this for the blisters, aches, and pain. They are going through all this to raise money for others. The primary beneficiary is the Dementia Charity, but cash is also being raised to support various causes and charities in the Long Eaton area.

If you would like to contribute to effort, please visit the clubs fundraising site by following this link. This will help top up the individual sponsorship for each of the guys.

Lost already!
Checking out the wall

Belvoir Brewery Visit

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A big thank you goes to Grantham & District 307 for organising a brewery visit at Old Dalby. A superb turnout ( and beer )  helped tabling fellowship between our clubs. George Loydall our National Quiz winner  finally got back his trophy which was swagged by Grantham at a previous area event.

60 seconds later the trophy was gone

Unfortunately he didn’t hold onto it for very long before it swagged again ( the shame ). George decided to rename the trophy the Long Eaton & Grantham fellowship trophy. To which there will be at least 2 meetings a year in each individual programme. The idea of the trophy will be to bond our two tables together in what is the fun & fellowship of Round Table. Special thanks goes to

Grantham Chairman John Whaler and everyone in Grantham 307  for organising this cracking  night out.