Belvoir Brewery Visit

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A big thank you goes to Grantham & District 307 for organising a brewery visit at Old Dalby. A superb turnout ( and beer )  helped tabling fellowship between our clubs. George Loydall our National Quiz winner  finally got back his trophy which was swagged by Grantham at a previous area event.

60 seconds later the trophy was gone

Unfortunately he didn’t hold onto it for very long before it swagged again ( the shame ). George decided to rename the trophy the Long Eaton & Grantham fellowship trophy. To which there will be at least 2 meetings a year in each individual programme. The idea of the trophy will be to bond our two tables together in what is the fun & fellowship of Round Table. Special thanks goes to

Grantham Chairman John Whaler and everyone in Grantham 307  for organising this cracking  night out.

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