Hadrians Wall Charity Walk Begins

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80 miles to go

On Thursday 23rd of June, the intrepid walkers from Long Eaton Round Table started the first leg of their walk along the entire length of Hadrians Wall.  These first walkers are literally going the extra mile by starting from the East Coast and finishing at the sea on the West Coast. The first day 14 miles from coast to the wall start near Newcastle, followed by a 22 miler on Friday, and the remaining 40 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

These guys aren’t just doing this for the blisters, aches, and pain. They are going through all this to raise money for others. The primary beneficiary is the Dementia Charity, but cash is also being raised to support various causes and charities in the Long Eaton area.

If you would like to contribute to effort, please visit the clubs fundraising site by following this link. This will help top up the individual sponsorship for each of the guys.

Lost already!
Checking out the wall

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