LERT Racing Night

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Well with a group of a dozen testosterone filled men taking part in an adrenaline pumped endurance Go-kart race there were bound to be a few sparks and bruises. There were several crashes and a Kart needed to be swapped out after being forced into a corner however everyone just about made it to the end and a good time was had by all as can be seen by these candid shots…

Gary's race brief
Gary’s race brief
Still Gary's race brief!
Still Gary’s race brief!
....and still Gary's race brief
….and still Gary’s race brief
...yaaawwnn and still Gary's race brief....
…yaaawwnn and still Gary’s race brief….
Entering the fast corner!
Entering the fast corner!
Trying to defend position
Trying to defend position
The Winners
The Winners

Congratulations to the winners!

  1. Howchan Ho & Luke Gillies
  2. Paul Randall & Craig Baxter
  3. Adam Connor & Ian Melvin


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