Month: August 2015

Long Eaton Round Table Support Long Eaton Community Carnival Association with 50 Cones!

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Support Long Eaton Community Carnival Association with 50 Cones
Support Long Eaton Community Carnival Association with 50 Cones

This year the Long Eaton Round Table (LERT) had a float and stall in the Long Eaton Carnival and showground on West Park, they wanted to promote their upcoming Summertime Ball in July and raise awareness of the organisation which is a man’s socialising club who take part in activities and raise money for good courses.

The club LERT contacted Long Eaton Community Carnival Association (LECCA) to see if they could offer a donation and any additional support, LECCA Chairman Peter Smith said ‘We would be very grateful to receive a donation to carnival funds as we organise the carnival parade and show on West Park free of charge to residents of Erewash, We currently need a donation to purchase 50 no waiting cones to use on the road parade this year and many years to come to ensure the safety of the parade’.

Pierre Dewil Chairman of LERT (pictured right with Peter Smith left) said ‘We would be delighted to give our support to ensure the Carnival road parade can continue in safety with cones and barriers in place so roads can be closed while the parade is in progress, We would like to donate £461 to enable LECCA to purchase the cones needed’.

Alan Colley Ways and means & Press officer from LERT says ‘We are delighted to support clubs and individuals such as LECCA where our donation to local projects can make a real difference to the local community, we also welcome the Long Eaton community to join us in our activities we meet up every two weeks and participate in local activities such as Rugby, Rafting, a different event each time’ To see what the club is doing next please visit our website or facebook page and #DOMORE.