Poly Tunnel

May 2006

A single parent mum (Sally) who is of Ladies Circle age and suffers from MS contacted the Long Eaton Round Table lads to see whether they might be prepared to fund some hard landscaping at her allotment and the construction of a ‘poly tunnel’ with raised beds which would enable her to “garden” during the winter months in beds that were accessible to her in a wheelchair.

With contacts in the club those green-fingered and masterful LERT chaps decided to do the job for her rather than just give the money – needless to say she was delighted with the end result as it worked out (not to mention the alluring sight of those handsome young men parading around her garden with rippling torsos and devastatingly good looks).

LERT’s Ian Adkin writes: “As you know last Saturday was the day for the garden project in Sawley. The project started at 8am with Dave ‘3D’ Welch showing us all how an expert handles big boys toys! He masterfully excavated and filled with hardcore an area to create parking for Sally’s vehicle along with (I believe his prospective new Tabler) his colleague Simon. Jon Bridge, Aka and myself did as we were told raking where needed!

Jon along with the now well hydrated Paul Smith began setting out with great geometric skills the area for our erection. Construction moved along swiftly after Adrian raced to the site ahead of schedule with the tunnel. By 12 we had the frame erected and covered. The afternoon shift arrived with Dave Liddo, Rob ‘builders arse’ Westerman, George and Mark Lloydal, Mark O’neil, Ian Dane, and top Gong Boy Cliff.

We were also joined by master craftsman Clive ‘keep it square’ Ward who produced superb frame work for the tunnel ends whilst under great pressure. Also on site were 2 beautiful ladies from the circle, Clair Welch and Sue Shaw, who soon got to work gardening with Sally, hope you got your nails clean!

I hope I’ve mentioned everyone who was there. If not I’m truly sorry. It was a great effort by all who gave their time. Dave did all his work for free which saved a lot of broken backs and money. Dave also managed to get the hardcore for free (so if you need any hardcore, ooh er missus, you know where to go!!). Rob Westerman supplied timber, storage, and delivery.

A great effort by all which shows what we can do when we all pull together. I was concerned before hand if it would all come together. I needn’t have been. A top job well done by all with a very very happy lady.
Sally asked to give you a huge thank you”.

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